Sisu is a Finish term for bravery, determination and resilience. This organization develops sisu in girls through experiential learning by showcases strong, healthy and positive female role models through children’s books, short stories, online content and more. CLICK HERE to find out more!

Gook Karma Bikes works with former foster and other disadvantaged youth through a work readiness and college entrance program. A second hand bike shop open to the public providing services and support for the local community. They make bike repairs for homeless and low income working people for free. For every bike they sell, 2 are donated for someone in need! CLICK HERE for more information and how you can contribute!


You want to know my number one bucket list goal? It’s not to climb Mount Everest, although that would be fun… It’s to become a bone marrow donor! I haven’t had a permanent address or phone number for 3+ years, so signing up online has been a challenge. But now, I am stoked to get my name on the list at a recent registration drive. This is just step one. I encourage you all to CLICK HERE to learn more about blood cancer and how you can be part of saving a stranger’s life. Especially you tough thru hikers… you know far worse pain than a little needle in the spine!