Stehekin, I Love You!

I was not a backpacker before I started this hike, but that status is changing quick. We made 110 miles in under 7 days! Stehekin was my first resupply stop and what a treat! It just so happened that we met some of the Pacific Crest Trail Association Board Members on the shuttle bus down to town and had the privilege to break bread together for supper. THANK YOU for the great meal, company, stories and smiles!!! I hope you made it up to Manning Park in time for your Board Meeting!!! Hey friends, have I mentioned I'm fundraising for that very organization? Please click here and help me meet my goal! Every dollar counts and it truly helps me feel the love and support while I'm out on the trail!

Another heartfelt thanks to Rachel, a lovely young lady who worked in town and opened her home to me for my first hot shower. I've been blessed with fantastic friends and family my entire life, but the kindness and generosity of strangers (new friends) in Stehekin has made a lasting mark on my heart. I'm starting to understand what I got myself into... a life changing experience, indeed.