What I think about when I think about hiking

An ode to Mr. Murakami

1. I've seen a million fallen trees, but how come I've never seen a tree fall?

2. How many acres of forest would it take to fill an IKEA warehouse? 

3. When marmots perch and whistle away on the high mountain slopes, are they enjoying the view?

4. Can we make outdoor education a mandatory element of public education curriculum?!

5. If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half how much would a hen weigh? (Thanks uncle Mike)

6. Why is it that mosquitoes are NOT attracted to my bleeding wounds, yet prefer penetrating skin to suck out the red gold?

7. Can a thru-hiker really know what she smells like?

8. Dirt or tan lines?

9. If I look long and hard enough, will I ever find a pterodactyl foot print in the rock?

10. Who have I become?