I Screamed At The Storm And She Listened

Today was not going to be like yesterday.

I can't remember ever feeling so weak... I barely made it 17 miles, all my energy forced into the each pedal up the cold wet hill as I got closer to the border on The Top Of The World Highway. An old Willie Nelson looking man with grey braids and a rusty truck stopped to ask if I was ok, as he saw my swerving tire tracks for miles in the mud. He said I looked tired, offered me water and told me I would make it... pavement was just a few klicks ahead and there was a little pullout I could camp at. Slept like a baby and woke up ready to fight.


Border Patrol must have given me the momentum I needed this morning, because I flew through the ridge top hills like a wild child on speed. About 7 hours into the day, I saw the biggest black cloud headed straight towards me. Confronted with a choice, fear or fight. I screamed to the storm with full lung capacity, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET ME!" Fist punching into the air commanding her to dissipate. I never rode so fast in my life. There were only four cars out here today, and I surely must have been a sight. I was in full battle mode, with a warrior look strewn across my face. I out-pedaled her, oh boy did I! Each earthquake rumbling thunder bang moving me faster into the night. Camped with a pink sunset at 11:48. I could have felt sorry for my self, sluggish, cold and questioning why I came out here alone... but not today, I chose to give it my all and slept with a heart full of delight!